Social Media Marketing

Ok, let’s face it. Facebook is the top browsed website in world. Twitter is considered to be a “revolutionary” platform that can cause massive things including kicking out country presidents and entire government out of the window. With just these two, the world is changing dramatically, and nobody can ignore the power of social media.

I remember chatting with a client 4 years ago about Facebook and the launch of twitter, and today their marketing strategy lives and breaths on them.

So, WIIFM (What’s is in it for me)? Ok, guess what… you need to fish where the fish are. So if your target audience spend time on social media, who doesn’t!, then you have to be there in a way that is friendly and acceptable to them.

End of day, all companies need to establish credibility, generate leads, and communicate with their target group. Social media can do all of that combined in one go. It is like marketing on strides.

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