Video Marketing

It is no surprise that the current online marketplace is greatly suffering with a supply-and-demand imbalance. The demand for quality content, specifically videos that are entertaining yet informative, far outweighs the supply.

And while there are many reputable brands producing quality content and videos for their advertising, there are a host of “less-than-savory” options as well. You’ll find everything from no-name websites to forced pop-ups, auto-plays, and bogus micro-sites being used by millions of online marketers, possibly with lower budgets,striving to keep the clock ticking (i.e. generating leads and increasing their sales revenues).
video ads
Image by ajstarks, Flickr CC
Brand marketers use a number of incentives for their consumers – FREE subscriptions, giveaways, downloads, ad walls, graphics, etc. But among them, one that is particularly intriguing to me is Incentivized Video Ads – a strategy through which brands “pay” their consumers for viewing their videos.
Facebook users can now earn Facebook credits in exchange for watching video ads in games.” No doubt, this is Facebook’s way of enabling brand advertising for its users but what I really wonder is – how can incentivized views lead to more effective digital advertising today?
Engagement advertising giant, SocialVibe, raised $20 million in March.
“What we’ve learned from millions of interactions is people like free stuff and now Facebook users can earn credits simply by participating with the advertiser to get that free stuff,” said Jay Samit, CEO of Social Vibe. “This kind of advertising satisfies what brands have been looking for – an opt-in experience with a reach greater than TV and highly targeted.”
Apart from being an obvious “idle money-making avenue,” I have come to realize that Incentivized Video Ads help in transforming the way the brands can connect with consumers on the most influential space, the Internet, and they are doing it on the consumer’s terms.
However, I fail to agree that incentivized viewership is necessarily always a winning option:
  • What happens to the quality of the views?
  • Are these views just as valuable?
  • Are these viewers really consumers?
  • Is it the audience that the marketers really want?
In my quest to finding the right answers, I continue learning. Do you think Incentivized Video Ads will compromise the quality of video content?
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