Would you pick Facebook ads over TV?

It seems there’s a Facebook-related headline every week and for many reasons – Keep in mind how Generation Z connects today. But where does that leave TV when it comes to reaching out to audiences? Here’s my take on Facebook and its role in advertising:

While the industry debates Facebook’s worth, its necessity, and its value in digital advertising, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that it will indeed become a strong contender for “the most effective advertising medium” sometime in the near future.
The last bastion of traditional advertising, the TV, is often deemed to be a time-waster for most consumers. Brands purchase viewership based on TRPs and in their attempt to reach the right audience, they fail gravely by picking the most popular soap or reality show to make their point. No surprise, these brands need a reality check themselves!
With TV advertisements, it is difficult to measure the size and makeup of the audience that views them. Since most ads are purely aesthetic they often provide NO measurable performance metric to represent the consumers.
Facebook, on the other hand, seems to have hit the nail on the head. It guarantees audience reach and frequency of ad delivery along with direct links to the seller’s products. You can target real people, not anonymous cookies, who actually take interest in buying a product like yours.
Also, Facebook allows advertisers to reach out to the desired audiences, the self-identified fans across highly targeted age ranges, genders and geo-locations. It gives them the ability to: connect with their consumers, convince them and build a relationship that’s essential for a self-generating sales funnel. To add to that, advertisers can reach to their fans’ friends, and friends of friends, and possibly reach out to their competitors’ fans. The Facebook ad options appear to be endless.
Even though TV and Facebook ads may have similar target audiences, Facebook increases the possibility of actually reaching the desired audiences. It is worth mentioning, as well, that the real impact of Facebook is in its ability to cut down television budgets.
In the meantime, for those who want to maximize brand engagement and consumer advocacy, I would recommend you coordinate your Facebook and TV efforts well and make the most of this giant social media network for effective advertising.

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