Generation C-onnect (or Z)

I was speaking to my nephew the other day, wanted to send him some info, and I asked him “what is your email address”? He replied “email! I don’t have one”. So, I asked “so how do you communicate online with your friends”…. he said, “We have Facebook“!!!

I felt so odd and shocked at the time.

Husam Jandal, Digital, Online, and Internet Marketer

So, we are talking about people who were after 1990. This is the generation that came to the world fully compatible with digital channels – someone like to call them “digital natives”. They use Facebook instead of email to communicate with their contacts, they are actively tweeting and engaging with their peers all over the world, equipped with the latest applications and mobile gadgets, constantly checking-in via foursquare, and can start a revolution with a simple fan page!

Those are the people who would take the world to the next level.

They are extremely competitive and ahead of the game, because they are digitally connected and savvy. Experience is not a pre-requisite for them to get the best jobs. Because they are leaps ahead in the digital space, able to speed-learn anything, they can be more demandable than their elder brothers and sisters.

Creatively is very natural to them, and time is a precious resource that they value a lot. Organizations would seek to have them onboard as early as possible, and sponsor their education and development.

So, as a marketer, what would you do to connect with generation Z? If they were part of your target audience, what strategies you would use to reach them?


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  1. cleaner glasgow December 17, 2016 @ 9:45 AM

    Dead written articles , Truly enjoyed reading .

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