Google’s “Place Search” Changes to the Search Marketing Space

Google Place Search

A localized search in Google, such as one that includes a geographic term like a city, now returns a different layout for displaying its results. This is thanks to Google’s new Place Search feature, a concept that changes the online marketing game for local businesses. Online specialists need to educate business owners and marketing professionals on the new Place Search feature and answer any questions they may have about how these changes affect their online marketing efforts.

Google Places Sample Search "Restaurants in dubai"This new kind of local search organizes information around specific locations making it easier for users to compare places and decide where to go. With the Place Search feature, a local Google search now returns a display that positions a localized map along the right-hand side above the pay-per-click ads (which scrolls down as the user scrolls down) and up to 7 local business listings taking up a fair portion of the “above fold” real estate, thus pushing organic listings down the page.

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