Why use social media to connect with women online?

People who stay away from social media are ignoring a powerful way to connect with women buyers. The number of female users on top social media sites is increasing at a very rapid rate and more and more women are getting active on social media networks.

In a recent study conducted by ShesConnected, of the women who use social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, 59% say they check these sites multiple times per day. In fact, this is the reason why many big cosmetic brands are integrating social media with their offline campaigns.
“Conversations between companies and female consumers are moving beyond ‘what do you want?’ types of questions,” said Rashmi Sinha, CEO and co-founder of SlideShare. “Companies are starting to use social media to secure real-time feedback from women on products, services, and marketing campaigns—sometimes before they go to market.”

On a local level, according to anaZahra.com, 71% of the women participating in the study belonged to a social networking site; 66% connect with friends online on a daily basis; 83% access the internet from home; 34% spend at least 10 hours a week online, and 45% read articles and magazines online.
As the number of female social media users increases, we are likely to see more interest-based online marketing. However, the interest itself is greatly influenced by some key decision-making characteristics that include:

Good Value & Emotional Connection

Remember that women tend to be the CPOs (Chief Purchasing Officers) in their households and that they tend to ask friends for advice about brands and products. Women are more than happy to share a good deal when they find one.
Dove is one of the few brands that seems to grasp the fact that on Facebook, content really is queen and that brands must deliberately create an emotional connection with their female fans.


Women like to be heard. By standing out from the crowd and engaging them in a conversation, you are personalizing your brand and making it one that can be trusted.
H&M are constantly asking their fans what pieces they want to buy, what they would pay and what they want H&M to carry. Women can share their thoughts, and brands can enjoy the free insight they receive straight from their target consumer.

Simple & Responsive

Keep your promotions and campaigns simple. Your fans will look forward to the next time your brand has something new and exciting to share, as long as taking advantage of the offer is relatively pain-free.
You also need to be responsive to your female fans. If a fan posts a question on your page, answer it. If she compliments your brand, thank her. And if she complains about it, address her concerns.
While social media is a great way to connect with women remember that women also tend to be outspoken about their distaste for a brand or product, so never take advantage of your fans!

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