Foursquare for HospitalsThe applications for Foursquare in real life are endless. I would say it is my favorite mobile-social app ever. This time I am focusing on how Hospitals can make good use of this amazing tool. Here some of the best resources, research, and recommendations on how to use Foursquare for Hospitals effectively:

Hospitals on Foursquare – A National Survey

This table (opens new window) contains data on over 780 Hospital Foursquare accounts. Researched in January 2011, it includes unique users, total check-ins and indicates if the hospital as claimed their venue. This data

Healthcare checks into Foursquare

But when I saw Foursquare posts in Twitter searches that showed people checking in at our hospitals, I became a bit more interested. Now, I’m glad these posts show up in Twitter and Facebook feeds, because I can respond

Innovative Nurse

Foursquare is a mobile application that allows users to “check in” at specific locations. Nearly 1000000 businesses are already on foursquare and over 20000000 people use Foursquare to connect with local businesses.

Your Hospital and Location-Based Networks

The post looked at Facebook Places and Foursquare and how they’ll impact hospitals. One obvious potential is for patients to use the comments and tips features to make remarks about their experience with a given provider

Are you ready to take full advantage of Foursquare for your hospital? Contact me for more details.

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The other day I was in Mall of the Emirates, and as I was passing by a booth for a real estate company, I took notice of the person manning the booth. He was observing all the people passing by him. To my surprise, this agent chose to have a conversation with me about their new residential tower project. He was trying to sell me an apartment!

There are much better ways to connect with people when they are in your vicinity; there are more effective ways than random selection. With social media, location registry tools, CRMs, mobile devices, and Bluetooth technology combined, a delicious recipe can be cooked up, allowing companies to maximize their reach to target groups. The beauty of it is that it can even be done during the exact moment prospects are passing by your premises. We call this proximity-based marketing.

Here are a couple of examples:

1. A restaurant group uses Facebook Places, Foursquare and Gowalla (mobile location registry platforms) to customize its service for customers based on info available to them about each person in the vicinity of their restaurants.

2. An electronics store uses a Bluetooth broadcasting technology to send Bluetooth messages about special offers to all mobile users within a short distance of their premises – of course the recipients should also need to have their Bluetooth devices turned on.

Implementing a proximity based marketing strategy can be very essential for businesses from specific industries. There are endless ways to apply this concept; however, extra time, planning, processes, and resources will be needed to utilize such marketing channels successfully.

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