“I have the pleasure to attend 2 days workshop with Husam and during these 2 days I gained a lot of knowledge and I can say he’s a master in Digital marketing”

Gamal Al-Qassas,
Senior Marketing Manager at Sanofi

“Is there anything Husam doesn’t know about Social Media? A true professional willing to share his vast knowledge of this increasingly important subject matter in a way everyone can grasp. I recently had the pleasure of attending Husam’s workshop and I am now looking forward to putting into practice what I learnt on the day.  My only frustration is I wished I had attended sooner! Great show Husam!”
Jonathan Lumb, Senior Financial Planner at Guardian Wealth Management

“Husam’s outstanding expertise in his field, digital marketing, coupled with a clear and wide business knowledge, sure added a lot to his role as a consultant.  His seemingly endless library of demonstrations and examples added a lot of life to the sessions he delivered.”
Mohamed Amer, Business Support Director at Sanofi

“Husam provided a logical and easy to understand approach in his training methodology to what could have been a difficult subject whilst providing a personable touch which all parties could relate to. On the basis of this approach we left the training with a working plan in place to improve how we approach new media.”

Jimmy Lynch, General Manager at Summertown Interiors

“If you think you know the Internet… your wrong until you have spoken to Husam, he is not only one of the most intelligent and sophisticated people I know in and out of his field, he is also someone you just have to know… He loves what he does and it shows. The wealth of information he has about the Internet, social media and online marketing is incredible and everyone can be sure to triple their business presence online if they consult him. He is the backbone of any online organization…”
Brigitte Jens, General Manager at Partner Holidays


“Husam is the only ‘true’ online marketing expert in I am aware of. I have worked with him in the past, I work with him now, and I will work with him in the future. Using his knowledge, we were able to boost the number of our online generated leads by 120%”
Nima Ranjbar, Middle East General Manager at Ahrend

“In the Digital Marketing word Husam is definitely “Business oriented”. I had the great pleasure and interest of attending Husam’s workshop where he confirmed his reputation as an expert in Social Media marketing and outstanding trainer in Digital Marketing. And all this online marketing content is fully dedicated to business action. Thanks Husam!”

Francois de Viry, Business Development Strategist at Partenaire Executif

“Husam has a wonderful way of making information sharing fun, informative and effective….a true professional in every aspect of his business.”

Joanne McConachy,
Manager Marketing at MAXIMUS AIR

“It was truly a pleasure to attend Husam’s course earlier this month. The course was well structured; the information was given in a simple, easy to apply fashion and the atmosphere he created in the workshop was open, friendly and encouraging. I recommend Husam’s workshops to anyone who wants to maximize their exposure”

Ghada Makarem, Business Associate at Gazing Performance Arabia

“Husam’s course is a MUST for any business professional seriously looking to explore the opportunities which are available. Husam’s insights, strategies and his simple and straight forward approach makes the whole thing easy and the potential for developing business opportunities exciting. I’ve set my goals and begun following the plan given me by Husam and I’m very confident of success. Fantastic, Husam – thank you!”
Graham Moore, Regional Director at BNI

“Attending Husam’s Linked In course was one of the most worthwhile things I did in 2011 I only wish I had attended sooner. I learned everything I wanted to, and immediately felt the benefits from being there I would highly recommend himself and his firm for any business”
Claire Ryan, Regional Sales Leader FCm Travel Solutions

“Husam is very generous in passing on a long history of expertise, he is very professional in handling his clients and focus on customer insights. A key strength I have felt during my training with Husam is that he practice what he is delivering that enhance trust, he is also very keen in creating creative environment oriented to his clients business goals”

Sherif Fikry, Senior Marketing Manager at Sanofi Diabetes

“I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop focusing on the integration of Digital approach in Marketing plans, delivered by Husam. Throughout the workshop Husam has shown in-depth knowledge and experience, with excellent communication skills that helped all participants achieve their objective. Husam focused on discussing practical ideas that are implementable in different settings, while grabbing the attention of the team for the 2 full days. Husam is a real expert with a pleasant and down-to-earth personality that facilitates the interaction with his audience. I would certainly recommend Husam for any similar sessions.”
Tarek Samir, Head of Diabetes Business Unit at Sanofi Gulf countries

“I recently attended a Social Media Marketing (SMM) Training conducted by Husam Jandal in Las Vegas, NV. He is a highly knowledgeable Digital Marketing Trainer. He is interesting and engaging, and I took home lots of valuable information. I heard only good things from my colleagues after the training, and look forward to the next one. Thanks, Husam!”

Kimberly Nichols, Digital Marketing Consultant at WSI

“Husam has in-depth knowledge of e-commerce and online marketing. He has provided us with wonderful insights from the world of online marketing and e-commerce. He is up to speed with all the latest trends in the industry and has demonstrated each concept and trend with relevant real world examples. Husam provided us with a new perspective on existing technologies and also gave us a vivid picture of the future.”
Sahil Dhuper, Senior Consultant at Cognizant Business Consulting

“It was a wonderful learning experience for me. Online marketing was one of the areas of my interest; hence the course coupled with the teaching helped me think deeply on the subject especially on areas like social media marketing and internet business models. Thanking you for helping us understand the subject in a very simple yet thought provoking way.”

Azher Ibrahim, Business Analyst at Exilant

“I have had the pleasure of attending Husam Jandal’s course on E-commerce. He has an in depth knowledge of the subject and is able to put across his knowledge and expertise in a very well articulated and easy to understand manner. Throughout the course we were served with examples and referrals to real life situations to which we could all relate and which brought out the underlying concept very clearly. Husam did an excellent job of clearing any doubts that we had and stimulated us to think more analytically and creatively. The overall experience of attending the course was very good and i would really like to have the opportunity of learning from him again.”
Akshay Bhanot, Techno Functional Consultant at Vinculum solutions

“If “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”; then the best way I can recommend Husam is by using of his knowledge & service. I have now engaged Husam on a 3rd project in under a year. Husam is affable, reliable and very accommodating. He has my goodwill and trust.”

Ben Kurian, 
General Manager at Octopus Travel

“Husam put together a tailor made training plan for our organisation so we can learn more about Linked In – covering the basics through to how to incorporate the use of it. We each took away so much from the day, and it certainly encouraged our senior management team to be much more proactive when it comes to online.”

Stefanie Patel, Marketing Manager at Summertown