What it means to go Glocal in the digital scene

Glocal Connect? Ok, what’s up with the spelling mistake on an established website?

I thought that I invented this term but I found that it had already existed – something the Japanese created some time around 1980. I just never heard of it before it came to my mind back in 2005. I was sitting with a sales consultant at the time to devise a sales strategy and a sales process for the organization, and he asked the golden question, “so Husam, what is your company USP (Unique Selling Point)?” My answer was, “we are GLOCAL.”

An organization can adapt the phrase “think globally and act locally” to work for the digital space. In my organization it is: “Global Knowledge. Local Results.” The same can apply in any company, but with slight variations based on their own USPs from a Glocal perspective. You cannot be disconnected from the world anymore and claim to be just local or just global. Either way, being in the digital space means you have no choice but to be Glocal.
In the digital era we are acting glocally all the time. We put a website up for the local market, and all of a sudden, we receive an enquiry from a country of which we haven’t even heard before. You can also see this when, a few hours after posting a CV on Bayt.com demonstrating local experience, for example, you learn that companies from abroad are trying to headhunt you. That is the power of online, or digital, or internet, or whatever you may want to call it.

On a side note, I had sent an email to Merriam-Webster in 2005 asking to add this term to the dictionary but I never heard back from them. One day though, expect to see it added if hasn’t been already. It is up there on Wikipedia after all!

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