Husam’s methods will undoubtedly benefit any industry.

Husam Jandal was the main presenter at a digital marketing class sponsored by the International Factoring Association. His vast knowledge and experience, particularly in the transportation space where my company operates, will truly become priceless as my company continues to grow. The new roadmap will lead the company into opportunities never thought possible. I can’t wait to attend next year’s conference on the topic, provided Husam is the presenter, in measurement of our year’s performance. Plus, learn more about new changes in this highly criterial marketing effort to build my business. Husam’s methods will undoubtedly benefit any industry. I look forward to learning more about his methods, having fun while doing it, and seeing increasing profits along the way—one of the best investments ever made in my company’s 14 years of existence.

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Robert Beard

Finance (Invoice Factoring)

Husam Jandal

Husam Jandal is an internationally renowned business and marketing consultant and public speaker with a background that includes training Google Partners, teaching e-business at a master's level, receiving multiple Web Marketing Association Awards, and earning a plethora of rave reviews from businesses of all sizes.

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