The information stimulated us to think more analytically and creatively

Husam has in-depth knowledge of online marketing and is able to put across his knowledge and expertise in a very well-articulated and easy to understand manner. Throughout the session, we were served with examples and referrals to real-life situations to which we could all relate and which brought out the underlying concept very clearly. Husam did an excellent job of clearing any doubts that we had and stimulated us to think more analytically and creatively.

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Akshay Bhanot
Techno Functional Consultant
Vinculum Solutions

Technology and Software

Husam Jandal

Husam Jandal is an internationally renowned business and marketing consultant and public speaker with a background that includes training Google Partners, teaching e-business at a master's level, receiving multiple Web Marketing Association Awards, and earning a plethora of rave reviews from businesses of all sizes.

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