Digital Marketing for Business & Professional Services The right business marketing services can help your company reach new heights, whether your goal is to attract more clients, scale, take on new markets, or strengthen your position for a merger or acquisition. But, with the plethora of digital marketing avenues available, how can you be sure you’re getting the return you deserve from your investment? Having worked as a digital marketing consultant combined with my business background has enabled me to provide business consulting services to multinational corporations and Fortune 100 companies. This has helped them succeed in their respective companies. My passion, however, is helping small and midsize businesses reach their goals by aligning their teams and ramping up with next-level techniques that deliver results and ROI.

Types of Business & Professional Services Firms I Offer My Professional Marketing Services To

Most business and professional services providers will benefit from marketing for professional services. However, if you work in one of the following areas, it’s much more important to partner with a specialized provider.


The idea of digital marketing makes many architectural firms uneasy, and understandably so. For many years, professionals simply did not advertise at all as a matter of pride and tradition. The American Institute of Architecture actually referred to advertising as a “deplored” behavior back in the early 1900s and considered it self-defeating, according to its “Circular of Advice.” While the guidance has long since been lifted, it left a lasting mark on the profession. Few advertise today, which means there are even fewer marketers who cater to the industry. This is easily seen by looking at the numbers. For example, Google notes there are more than 201,000 searches for the phrase “architect” each month. Yet, the search engine indicates there is low competition for advertisers targeting the keyword online. People are looking for architects, but architects aren’t showing up. Meanwhile, according to Architects Journal, around 60 percent of architects do not have a business plan. A further 40 percent don’t set annual budgets. Both these aspects are crucial to success. Not surprisingly, the publication also notes that there is no correlation between winning jobs and firms’ profitability. In other words, architectural firms can gain ground quickly with the right business marketing services but also generally need help beyond lead generation and winning bids. That’s why it’s important to work with a digital marketing consultant with a background in business rather than a traditional marketing firm. When you partner with someone who understands your business and can help you develop a plan to improve your overall profitability, you free yourself from the trap of constantly focusing on winning the next bid.

Payroll Services

Estimated to hit $22.8 billion in just a few short years, according to a recent Research and Markets report, the payroll services industry is booming. However, small and medium payroll service providers face a number of challenges, such as market domination by Goliaths like Accenture, Intuit, and Paychex, as well as the consumer trend toward DIY payroll systems and platforms. Many digital marketing strategies for payroll services providers focus on pay-per-click (PPC) ads and search engine optimization (SEO). These are good options in general, but they can be costly and less effective when you’re up against competitors with deep pockets and don’t approach it with the right strategy. You need to work with someone who will help you strengthen your brand image, differentiate you from the pack, and develop a long-term plan that will steadily deliver stronger results over time.


Attorneys face different challenges than payroll services providers and architects do. Law firms were among the first to incorporate digital marketing services into their overall growth strategies. That means if you’re just getting started, your market is likely deeply saturated, even at a local level. Equally, if you were one of the first to the table, you’ve probably found that your digital marketing efforts are not producing the same results that they once did. What’s the solution? I build holistic solutions—strategies that tap into a variety of mediums so that efforts produce better results over time. For example, it’s estimated that Google changes its search algorithms 500 to 600 times per year, according to Search Engine Journal. Unfortunately, professional services marketers don’t always stay up-to-date on these shifts or create holistic digital marketing plans, so attorneys often see drastic swings in the number of new clients they attract over time. While I work with search engine optimization, I do so in a manner that puts the needs of your prospective clients first. Because Google also prioritizes the end-user, our goals are the same, and my clients see fewer traffic and lead swings with algorithm changes. Furthermore, your law firm’s branding is also given top priority. This way, prospective clients see your firm as a trustworthy entity, can see your expertise, and have an opportunity to get to know you through your digital footprint. Consistent messaging throughout their journey increases the likelihood they’ll request a consultation and boosts client retention too.

Consultants in the Professional Services Industry

As a digital marketing consultant who caters to the business and professional services industry, I have an uncommonly deep understanding of the challenges consultants face. Because I work with various professional services businesses, I also understand the challenges they face and what their customers are looking for. Credibility is key. To build it, you’ll need to provide prospects with resources they can use as they explore their options. Success stories and testimonials also play a crucial role in converting prospects. I work heavily on developing personal brands for consultants for this reason. Still, I also develop lead generation funnels to ensure the right people see your messaging and are nudged toward conversion. This isn’t necessarily true with other providers of business marketing services, as they tend to focus more on quantity over quality and often struggle to convert.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Business & Professional Services

As a professional service provider, you’ll need a tailored digital marketing strategy. However, it’s equally important to have tested methodologies behind your marketing plan too. One area I focus on is SEO.

SEO Marketing for Business & Professional Services Companies

SEO Marketing for Business & Professional Services Companies

The ideal search engine optimization (SEO) strategy varies quite a bit depending on your niche. For example, architects may be able to break through with relative ease, while attorneys are often competing with other law firms that have a well-optimized site and have been publishing two blogs per week or more for years. A few techniques I routinely leverage to drive SEO and complement it include:

Four Digital Marketing Strategies the Business & Professional Services Industry Should Leverage

Moving beyond common digital marketing strategies for the business and professional services industry, your company may amplify results through the following four methods.

Influencer Marketing

Nearly two-thirds of consumers trust recommendations from influencers, according to Shopify data. By working with people who have large social media followings, your business will not only land in front of more eyes but will get a credibility boost and attract more prospects.

Chatbot Marketing

Nearly 40 percent of people prefer interacting with a chatbot over a virtual agent, per Business Insider. In addition to boosting customer satisfaction and increasing leads, chatbots can help you meet the growing demand for 24/7 service as well as scale more affordably. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerhouse that generates an average of $36 for each $1 spent, according to Litmus data. Businesses will find success with different strategies in this area. Anything from newsletters to promotional emails can be beneficial depending on the niche, audience, and position in the customer journey.

Content Marketing

More than half of all decision-makers say they spend over an hour each week reading thought-leadership content, according to HubSpot research. Blogs are a cornerstone in this process and can help boost SEO, though it’s important to share pieces on social media channels like LinkedIn to increase your reach.

A Business & Professional Services Digital Marketing Agency is Not the Same as a Consultant

As you explore your options, you’ll no doubt find some digital marketing agencies that say they help business and professional services companies. However, it’s important to note that working with an agency is not the same thing as working with a consultant.

  • Agencies are usually general marketers. The benefit is that they can provide a broad range of digital marketing services, but it’s at the cost of having an expert in any given area. For example, an agency may be able to tackle your SEO and PPC but only have top-tier skills in video production or design. A consultant will bring in top-tier talent in each area, so you have the best person for the job and get better results.
  • Agencies tend to use generalized resources. For example, an agency may understand the value of strengthening your presence on Google Local or Yelp but may not know about directories for lawyers or architects that can produce more leads.
  • Agencies work independently of your business. When you provide a professional service, your personal brand is everything. Your marketing team needs to know how you work, what sets you apart from other providers, and maintain the integrity of your brand in everything they do. Because agencies are removed from your business and often manage many accounts simultaneously, they don’t always address these areas or market with authenticity.

Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Strategist for Business & Professional Services

Because my approach to business marketing services is different from that of an agency and I tailor my approach, I can help you:

  • Improve your business marketing online presence.
  • Effectively manage your business’s digital marketing brand.
  • Improve your professional business services digital marketing ROI.
  • Ensure your professional business services marketing results are measurable.
  • Identify your high-value clients in the professional business services industry.
  • Tap into one-stop digital marketing consulting for businesses in the business services industry.

Your Strategic Marketing Plan for Business & Professional Services

My tested strategy helps businesses grow stronger over time. I can help you:

  • Build brand awareness.
  • Help potential clients find you.
  • Build loyalty and trust.

We’ll Get the Right Clients to Your Business & Professional Services Website

As part of your full-scale digital marketing strategy, I’ll also direct your ideal clients to your website through:

  • Search traffic.
  • Other traffic sources.

You’ll Convert Readers into Leads

I address each stage of the client’s journey, from the first glimmer of brand awareness through education and conversion, so your readers follow a natural path and your business gets the leads it deserves.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation for Your Business & Professional Services Company

I kick off each project with a complimentary consultation. It’s an opportunity for you to get to know me and my processes a bit better. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to get to know you and your business to identify ways I can help. Then, when you’re ready to move forward, contact me to schedule a time to talk.