Digital Marketing for FMCG Services The fast moving consumer goods industry is rapidly evolving. Your FMCG marketing methods need to work harder than ever before to cut through the clutter and reach your audience in a way that resonates with them today. It involves tweaking the marketing strategies for FMCG products to bring them into today’s era of online shopping and the e-commerce boom. But, how do you know which audiences to tackle first and which avenues will deliver the ROI your business needs to grow? As a seasoned digital marketing consultant with a background in business, I address areas that others often overlook while bringing your sales, business, and marketing into alignment so your company reaches its unique goals. I’ve helped multinational corporations and Fortune 100 companies scale because of this, but my greatest passion is helping small and midsized businesses reach new heights.

Companies I Offer FMCG Marketing Services To

Most businesses will benefit from digital marketing campaigns. However, I tend to focus more on the following areas because they benefit most from working with a food marketing services specialist.


Retail sales hit nearly $5,600 billion in the latest U.S. Census Bureau Annual Retail Trade Survey (ARTS). It’s a huge market with steep competition. You’ve probably seen the statistics that show somewhere between 75 and 90 percent of people are shopping online these days. Maybe you’ve even heard that Amazon dominates the market by capturing more than 40 percent of sales. While data from Statista confirms this and means it’s tough for retailers to break through in today’s market, it’s only part of the picture. The modern shopper often starts a search online but will often move back to brick-and-mortar before making a purchase. Therefore, you need a strong online presence regardless of where your customer makes the final purchase. Furthermore, a seamless customer experience and journey is essential to making the sale and establishing a loyal customer base. Traditional food marketing strategies don’t address this, particularly when it comes to digital marketing for food products. Agencies treat people searching online differently than those in person when it’s often the same person engaging with your brand in different ways. As an FMCG digital marketing consultant, I get to know your prospects and build touchpoints at every step in their journey, so converting them into customers is natural, and you build lasting relationships.

Food Producers

There was a time when food producers could focus on getting product placement and let retailers take it from there. That’s no longer the case. You often must have a dedicated following before sellers even consider picking up your products. You’re also responsible for helping your products move. That means whether you’re hoping to sell your products directly to consumers or scaling with retail placement, it all begins with your online presence. A comprehensive food manufacturer’s digital marketing strategy puts the consumer first by presenting your brand in a way that speaks to modern concerns like health and convenience. It also integrates robust analytics that proves your concepts are winners, making getting placements and scale easier. My years in the industry have given me a unique understanding of B2C and B2B markets, so I can help your business grow with bespoke strategies that fit the specific needs of your business and audience.

Grocery Stores

Grocery store sales rose more than nine percent to nearly $760 billion per the latest ARTS. As one of the few niches that thrive despite challenging economic conditions, grocers areuniquely positioned to capitalize on the gains and come out even stronger. You will still face some of the same challenges retailers face, whether you’re wholly brick-and-mortar, hybrid, or online-only. Food marketing services need to begin digitally and have touchpoints that carry consumers from their initial introduction to your store through the development of long-term loyalty.

Herbal Products

The global wellness market now tops $1.5 trillion, with annual growth of five to ten percent expected, per McKinsey. Roughly 70 percent of spending goes to products versus services, with nearly a quarter of consumers indicating their spending will increase in the next year. Purchases are up in virtually all areas of wellness, from general health to appearance, fitness, nutrition, and sleep. However, herbal marketing strategies must be highly targeted to deliver ROI. While others may cast a wide net and try to reach everyone interested in health, I look deeper into your products and ideal customer, build trust, layer in educational materials, and nurture relationships, so you not only get the initial sale and increase repeat purchases too.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Marketing Strategies

FMCG marketing strategies must be tailored to the business and its goals to deliver results. As an experienced digital marketing consultant, I draw from a various tactics to build customized solutions that address the unique needs of each business.

SEO Digital Marketing for Food Products

SEO Digital Marketing for Food Products

The right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your business will vary depending on your niche and other factors. For example, a food producer with an uncommon product or niche will likely be able to gain ground in search engines faster than someone who produces herbal products because the herbal market has been hot for years. Of course, both will benefit from a well-optimized website and additional food marketing support services. Still, the herbal products company will generally need to lean on other tactics more to gain an edge. A few techniques I leverage to complement and drive SEO include:

Four Digital Marketing Strategies That the FMCG Industry Should Leverage

Moving beyond traditional marketing, FMCG brands can amplify their results with the following four techniques.

Influencer Marketing

Almost two-thirds of consumers trust recommendations from influencers per Shopify. As an industry that relies heavily on trust, influencer marketing can be an integral part of FMGC brands as they grow. You’ll want to consider partnering with people who share your audience and who also have large followings on sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Chatbot Marketing

Close to 40 percent of consumers prefer interacting with chatbots over virtual agents, according to Business Insider. A good chatbot will help visitors find information, answer basic questions, and help you capture leads cost-effectively.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has a long track record for delivering results. Companies that leverage it generate $36 for every $1 spent per Litmus. That said, it’s important to have the right email marketing strategy. For example, you may want to work on nurturing campaigns or newsletters that educate visitors send promotional messages, or send campaigns that highlight your expertise in your niche.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a broad umbrella term that includes blogs, infographics, videos, and other digital media consumed by people. The effectiveness of your content marketing strategy hinges upon choosing the right medium for the consumer and delivering it at the right stage in their journey  The key to successful content marketing lies in understanding the consumer’s journey and selecting the most suitable medium for them. Integrating  a well-thought-out social media strategy as part of content marketing can amplify your marketing efforts,  Social media platforms are powerful tools for distributing and promoting content, allowing for direct engagement with the audience. This engagement is essential for understanding consumer needs and preferences, which informs the development of effective digital marketing strategies. The use of social media in content marketing not only increases brand visibility but also creates a deeper connection with the target audience. Through strategic planning and execution, social media content can significantly improve the overall impact of your marketing efforts, particularly in the world of FMCG.

An FMCG Marketing Agency is Not the Same as a Consultant

As you explore your FMGC marketing options, you’ll undoubtedly find some digital marketing agencies that say they can help. However, there are several key differences between working with an agency and working with a consultant.

  • Agencies offer generalized marketing services. They tend to provide a wide range of services but only have specialized skills in one area: SEO, content, or web design. Unfortunately, that means the other aspects of your strategy won’t have a professional touch or produce the results you deserve.
  • Agencies leverage generalized resources. For example, an agency may understand how to reach people on social media platforms, but not how to build contacts and relationships within a health-oriented niche.
  • Agencies are removed from your business. That makes it very hard for them to showcase what makes your products different from others on the market and maintain brand integrity.

Reasons to Hire an FMCG Marketing Strategist

Because I work as an extension of your team and address things differently than an agency would, I can help you:

Your FMCG Digital Marketing Strategy Will Be Tailored

I understand that businesses have unique goals. As a consultant, I can offer a tailored digital strategy that will help you achieve the following:

  • Develop brand awareness.
  • Help potential customers find you.
  • Build loyalty and trust.

We’ll Bring the Right Customers to Your FMCG Website

It’s all about targeted traffic in FMCG. My strategies identify those most likely to take action and bring them to your website through:

  • Search traffic.
  • Other traffic sources.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation for Your FMCG Business

Think digital marketing can help your business reach its goals? Let’s explore the options together. In your complimentary consultation, I’ll dig into where your marketing for FMGC services stands today and where you want it to go, plus give you the opportunity to learn a bit more about me and how I can help. Contact me to schedule a time to talk.