Marketing like a fisherman

When it comes to life lessons, nothing can truly teach you more than fishing. The patience, practice, and skill needed to be a professional, or least accomplished, fisherman are all traits that will serve a person well throughout their lives. Fortunately, fishing can also teach plenty of lessons about being a businessman.

If you are looking for help on using digital marketing strategies and finding your target audience, then check out these seven tips below. You’ll be amazed at the vast similarities between fishing and finding your target audience on digital media!

1. Know where your targets are:

Much like a fisherman, you can have the best bait, rod, and boat in the world, however, if you don’t know where your fish is, then all this is for nothing. Instead of casting your line out in empty waters, do some research and find the areas that your fish spend most of their time.

In the digital world, you need to research where your customers are online. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.? Wherever they are, that’s where you should be casting!

2. Have bait that the fish will go for:

Market research is a critical element of any digital strategy, so you need to spend significant time testing and ensuring that your online offering is something that your customers will want.

3. Give it a second:

Digital marketing takes time, but if you’ve picked the right spot then you can bet it will yield results. Instead of quickly drawing out and moving elsewhere, set a reasonable amount of time and be patient!

4. Study your competition:

Competitive fishing requires more than just knowledge about the fish and potential golden spots; it requires you to understand who you are competing against. Is the competition using a new type of rod that seems to be successful? Or perhaps their bait is unique? Understand why they are successful and use that to help improve your tactics!

5. Alter for conditions:

In fishing, the weather plays a massive role. If it’s too cold, too hot, or too windy, a good fisherman needs to know how to properly adjust. As a businessman, however, you need to understand what conditions in digital, social media and in the world are affecting your customers. Is a holiday coming up? Is there something in the media that is gripping the nation’s attention? Use that to relate with your customers and connect with them on a deeper level!

6. Stick with what works:

If a certain rod, bait, and fishing spots are yielding impressive results, then don’t change what works. The fish will tell you when something needs changing because they will stop biting, so use their feedback as a way to alter your strategy.

7. Trust your gut:

A good businessman should have an instinctive gut just like any intuitive fisherman. You can have every game plan laid out, every tactic thought through, but if your gut instinct is telling you to go with something – do it. Learn to trust your gut when it matters and you’ll find that most times it pays off big time to gamble a bit!

As a businessman and an avid fisherman, the correlation between the two became readily apparent a long time ago. Using digital media to reach your target audience is much like trying to catch a certain type of fish. You need to thoroughly understand your target, research the conditions, use methods that work, and trust your gut!

Feel free to contact me if you need help and advice with your digital marketing strategy. Hopefully, my years of experience in the online world and out on the waters can help you reel in those big fish!